Being able to service our industrial accounts with transparany, integrity, and loyalty has been the core of our business over the years.  At Beacon Recycling we build lasting relationships with our customers and work hand in hand with them to provide the most effective ways to maximize recycling revenue and reduce landfill costs. 

At Beacon, we understand each customer has unique needs. Our team takes great pride in building customized programs that best fit their individual needs. Beacon's long term investments in both our assets and infrastructure allows us to process any material. In return,  Beacon has the capacity to offer the most competitive prices to current and potential partners. 

Beacon Recycling processes all grades of Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Stainless, and Hi-Temp Alloys.  We also recycle commercial and industrial grades of Paper and Plastic as well as E-Scrap including computer towers, laptops, circuit boards, computer components and miscellaneous electronic equipment.  We are the locally owned and operated full scale recycler capable of handling your every need.


Beacon Recycling offers a variety of assistance for your recycling needs.  Not only do we offer numerous transportation options that range from lugger boxes, rolloffs, to van trailers, but Beacon can help provide solutions to help your company achieve as close to zero landfill waste as possible while also being environmentally compliant.  We like to sit down with you and see if our experience can help achieve the zero waste and also make sure our boxes are in an area where runoff isn’t an issue!

We pride ourselves on our safety and reliability.  We ask for 24 hours of notice before a pickup, but do whatever is in our power to accommodate your every need.  Our team of drivers is committed to handling your scrap safely, efficiently, and on time.



Roll-Off Containers

In Plant Equipment

Ferrous Metals

Beacon Recycling has invested in numerous pieces of equipment over the years to help in the processing of our many products in a safe and environmentally clean way.  Our capability to produce quality products has opened up the doors to many markets.  We can accommodate the specifications to individual steel mills and foundries alike. 

We understand that each consumer is unique and we make sure that our product is exactly what we represent.  Our quality continues to open up doors to more business and more consumers which allows us to pay the most competitive pricing to buy the material from our customers.

Non-Ferrous Metals

With the volatility in the non-ferrous markets over the years, it has been essential for Beacon to turn inventory in a timely manner.  The addition of our HRB Non-Ferrous Baler in 2006 has helped us greatly in that regard.  With that piece of equipment, among many others, we now have the capabilities to ship products all over the world.  Beacon also has and connections to be able to ship products around the globe and take advantage of the best markets.   We have trained metal sorters on our Team that make the product we ship the highest quality out there.

Paper and Plastic

Over the years we have listened to our customers talk about their goals of getting as close to zero landfill waste as possible and have since amped up our capabilities to include industrial papers, corrugated, and plastics.  We want to do our part to help others be as GREEN as they desire.  At Beacon Recycling, we will process these materials for our customers and have numerous consumers that we work hand and hand with to make sure that everything is being recycled to the highest of the environmental standards set in place.